Social Media Facts and Stats

Power of Word of Mouth


Consumer Demand for Ratings & Reviews


Marketer Demand for Ratings & Reviews


Consumer Demand for Ask & Answer™


Cross Channel Marketing

  • Two or more channels are used by 78% of consumers to browse, research and make purchases. (ATG, March 2010)
  • Three or more channels for a single transaction are used by 30% of consumers. (ATG, March 2010)
  • Mobile devices are used by 32% of consumers to browse or research products or services at least once a month.
    (ATG, March 2010)
  • 15% of consumers are completing transactions with their mobile devices monthly. (ATG, March2010)


Conversion Results


Average Order Value Results


User-generated Content Beyond the Web


Email Campaign Results


Search Engine Optimization Results


Return Rates and Customer Satisfaction


Evolution of Advertising and Media



  • 25% of search results for the world’s 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content. (Socialnomics, August 2009)
  • 196% increase in paid search revenue for Office Depot when using verbiage from product reviews in ad copy. (Office Depot, 2008)
  • In a SearchVoice study of 30,000 monthly SearchVoice visitors, conversion was 60% higher, spending went up 50% more and visitors viewed 82% more pages. (Major electronics retailer case study, August 2008)
  • The ability to refine site search results by customer rating led to 22% more sales per unique visitor on a same-session basis and 41% more sales per visitor on a multi-session basis. (Bazaarvoice)

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